Street Entertainment Guidelines
Downtown Staunton

  • Family-friendly activities only. 
    Any activity considered tasteless, rude or offensive will be terminated.
  • Performers must not block open store entrances or have noise levels that prevent normal business activities—amplification is not allowed without specific permission.
  • Performers will be expected to cooperate with businesses by responding to complaints by adjusting location or noise levels, as requested. 
  • Performers must not block or litter the sidewalks. 
    Performers must stow instrument cases, personal belongings, propping, etc. off the sidewalks.
  • Performers may accept donations and distribute information but may not sell anything unless they have a Staunton business license.
  • Performers are asked to keep performances between 10 AM and 10 PM and to locate in one of the following preferred spots:

 Best Locations:
_______In the Wharf, near Children’s Art Network
_______Statler Brothers Monument on Johnson Street
_______Sunspots Parking Lot, Middlebrook Avenue and Byers Street (private lot, check-in with Sunspots to use this space)
_______New Street near Cranberry’s
_______E. Beverley near the Staunton Courts Bld. or Coffee on the Corner
_______Beverley Street Studio School Galleries, 24 W. Beverley Street
_______Short Circuit on the tiles, 5 E. Beverley Street
_______SunTrust Bank:  Corner of Augusta & Beverley Streets
_______SunTrust Bank 2-14 W. Beverley Street
_______City Hall, 116 W. Beverley Street

For more information contact the SDDA at 540-332-3867 or email