Downtown Staunton Street Performances

The Staunton Downtown Development Association is the responsible party for street performers throughout the Historic downtown district. Once a year, performers must apply to receive a permit with the SDDA. Before each performance, the performer needs to fill out a simple form indicating the approximate time, date and location of the performance. Please continue reading to see the pre-approved locations and guidelines for performers. Links to the applications are at the bottom of the page.

Pre-Approved Performance Locations

The following list of locations are pre-approved spots for street performances. Note: Performers wanting to perform in front of any other location must file written permission from the business owner with the SDDA.

  • The Wharf – Byers Street Bistro
  • Johnson Street – Statler Brothers Monument
  • New Street – Cranberry’s Grocery & Eatery
  • East Beverley – Staunton Courts Building or the By & By
  • 5 East Beverley – Hammond Insurance, on front tiles
  • Augusta & Beverley St. Intersection – SunTrust Bank
  • 24 W Beverley St – CoArt/Beverley Street Studio School Galleries
  • 116 W Beverley St – City Hall


Below are a list of guidelines to which all performers must adhere. Noncompliance will result in a revocation of the group’s permit.

  • The SDDA authorizes family-friendly activities only. Authorized representatives of the SDDA or the City will terminate any activity considered tasteless, rude or offensive.
  • Performers must not block open store entrances or have noise levels that prevent normal business activities. Please note: Amplification requires special approval and a separate permit process through the City of Staunton.
  • Performers must cooperate with businesses if asked to move or adjust sound levels.
  • Performers must not block or litter the sidewalks. Instrument cases and other belongings must be neatly stowed.
  • Performers may accept donations and distribute information with this permit. Contact information must be on file with the SDDA.
  • Performers may not sell anything without a City of Staunton business license.
  • Performers must schedule their times between 9:00am and 11:30pm in accordance with Staunton City Code.

Application Links

Current Schedule of Approved Performances