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Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt 2023

Help ASC recover their missing costume pieces and props from Shakespeare’s iconic plays. Find the different businesses around Downtown where they are located. All Items are able to be found from the sidewalk, no need to go into the location. Starting April 14th, a list of the pieces will be available on SDDA’s website along with info on where to submit guesses. The hunt will last until April 25th. Submit your guesses by April 30th. Prizes will be awarded to those that come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and will be announced on May 1st. 

The postcard shown here will be hidden along with each missing costume/prop. The following pieces are still scattered throughout Downtown Staunton:

  • Prospero Robe from Tempest

  • Miranda’s Costume from Tempest

  • Duke Orsino’s Cape from Twelfth Night

  • Juliet’s Dress from Romeo & Juliet

  • 3 Chests from Merchant of Venice

  • Yorick’s Skull from Hamlet

  • A shield from Pericles

  • A Witchy Costume from Macbeth

  • A Mini Cauldron from Macbeth

  • Crowns (one location)

  • Wedding Dress (one location)

Think you found them all? Submit your guesses at the link below!

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