Disaster Recovery Resources + Ways to Help

Note: This page was last updated on Monday, August 17th. 

Resources for Flood Victims

Report Damage to the City

The City of Staunton is working to offer trash pickup and other resources to those affected by the flood. For the latest updates, please visit their website. To report flood damage please use the buttons below.

Request Resources + Volunteers

The SDDA is working to coordinate all volunteers and help funnel resources from the donated stockpile. Please fill out the form below to request either volunteers or items. Homeowners can call Beth Christian with the Staunton District UMC Emergency Response Team for help. Her number is 804-347-5999.

Cleaning + Preservation Resources

There are several resources that detail how to safely clean up after a flood. Additionally, there are resources for the preservation of historic buildings after a flood. Use the buttons below to find more info.

Ways to Help


As of right now, donations of supplies are paused. We are SO grateful for everyone’s support!!


There are several businesses that have lost tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise and others that will accrue many repair and recovery invoices. If you are moved to give financially, the official GoFundMe is linked below. If you do not wish to donate through GoFundMe, you can give through the SDDA directly. Please email Executive Director Greg Beam and he can take direct donations. Proceeds from all donations will go directly to affected businesses and others affected by the flood.


The SDDA is gathering requests for volunteers on an ongoing basis. Our businesses need help with admin tasks, painting, cleaning and other tasks. We also are in constant need of skilled labor – electricians, plumbers, mechanics, etc. Please fill out the form below and we will match you to a volunteering opportunity as the need arises.